How To Score Movies The Marvel Way, Part 1
The Entr’acte Five: Paul Bullock
The Entr’acte Five: Gergely Hubai
Wojciech Kilar: The Portrait of a Gentleman
The Entr’acte Five: Tim Burden
2014: The Year In (P)review
Deep Note: The Foundations Of A Good Giallo Score Library
2013: The Year In Review
Interview – Cliff Martinez
Interview – Invada Records

The Shuffle

No. 1 – ‘Clash of Extinction’
No. 2 – ‘Finale’
No. 3 – ‘Shark Attack’
No. 4 – ‘The Death Hunt’
No. 5 – ‘Finale’
No. 6 – ‘The Riders of Rohan’
No. 7 – ‘Terrorist Entrance’
No. 8 – ‘Murphy Goes Home’
No. 9 – ‘Tooth and Claw’
No. 10 – ‘Dirty Harry’s Creed’
No. 11 – ‘Father and Son’
No. 12 – ‘The Mecha World’



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