What’s It Called: ‘Finale’
Who Composed It: Danny Elfman
Where’s It From: Batman (1989)

The Scene: Having claimed victory over the villainous Joker, Gotham’s new protector tells the city he’ll always be available should the forces of evil rise again. Cue big ending as he stands over the city from a tall building, bat-symbol in the sky.

The Track: Huge brass statements bookend a soft motif on strings and woodwinds, ending in a gigantic swell of heroic fanfare with bells on. Literally. Ends with a “I’ll be back” statement of the Batman theme that leads into the end title music.

The Score: One of the defining moments of Danny Elfman’s career. It opens strong with a big orchestral burst as they turn on the bat-signal, with an interesting version of the Batman theme that has a more upbeat resolution to it, before moving on as Alfred gives Vicki Vale a lift. Quotes of the main theme are woven around a gentle version of the love theme as Vale nods to her bff being late cause he’s out fighting crime.

As Alfred drives her away, the orchestra builds and builds, quoting the more heroic secondary Batman as the camera moves up the buildings, ending on a wonderful fanfare as Batman watches over the city. It’s a superb moment, and just simply one of my favourite film score moments. Iconic.

Availability: In it’s film recording it’s been released three times, with the first being the 1989 score album on Warner Bros. Records. WB reissued the cue on the slightly expanded disc in the gargantuan Danny Elfman/Tim Burton box set, but the definitive edition of the score was issued by La-La Land who released the complete score as a part of their Expanded Archival Collection (along with BATMAN RETURNS and BATMAN FOREVER). Unfortunately, that album is out of print.

Words: Charlie Brigden

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