What’s It Called: Clash of Extinction
Who Composed It: Don Davis
Where’s It From: Jurassic Park III (2001)

The Scene: Having crashed down on Site B after being attacked by a monstrous Spinosaurus, Alan Grant (Sam Neill) and party are running through the brush when they encounter a dinosaur corpse being feasted on by a T-Rex. The Rex follows them, only to come face to face with the Spino for a one-on-one fight to the death, with the Spino coming out on top. Given that the Spinosaurus was III’s big villain, they obviously wanted to show exactly how badass it was by putting it up against the iconic Tyrannosaurus from the first two movies. This is my favourite scene in the JP franchise thus far, and has an awe and wonder to it that reminds me of movies like KING KONG, even if it’s way too short and somewhat anti-climactic.

The Track: It begins with a swirling woodwind before strings build to a set of massive brass statements over thunderous percussion, with seperate motifs overlapping before ending with a vaguely heroic motif reminiscent of John Williams’ work on the first film.

The Score: Technically there’s not a lot to say here, as the cue was not used and the final scene went unscored. It sounds amazing – I’m not the biggest fan of the score as a whole but there’s a real sense of primal aggression here with the massive percussion and the fierce blaring trumpets – but I’m unsure as how it would have worked in the film. I’m not someone who favours film music so much that I want to see it put back willy nilly, and one of the reasons I love the scene as-is is because the only sounds are these massive echoing footsteps and bone crunches and roars.

Maybe to overlay that with even more thunder in the form of all that brass fury would have just gone against the effectiveness of the scene. At least with the scene being music-less there’s an opportunity for someone on YouTube to put this track over it, if they haven’t already.

Availability: Despite not being used in the film, the track was included on the JURASSIC PARK III soundtrack. It was released by Decca in 2001 and should still be widely available.

Words: Charlie Brigden



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