Movie Score Media and Kronos Records have released two new albums by composers Nic Raine and Frank Ilfman.

The first, DIE SPIONIN (THE BEAUTIFUL SPY), is composed and conducted by Nic Raine and is the score to a German television film premiering this season. MSM/Kronos state “The musical score written by British composer, conductor and orchestrator Nic Raine, whose collaborations include a 20 year work relationship with Iconic composer John Barry, orchestrating the Liverpool Oratorio for Paul McCartney and many more. The score is the perfect marriage of warm and beautiful melodic themes and elaborate brooding suspense music. Nic Raine’s deep understanding of the orchestra and innate talent for melody manages to create the perfect soundtrack.”

Raine is an excellent conductor, having performed on many top class recordings of scores such as TARAS BULBA, EXODUS, and CONAN THE BARBARIAN, and it’ll be interesting to see what his own material is like. As usual with Raine’s recordings, the score is performed by the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra.

Also arriving is Frank Ilfman’s highly-anticipated score to BIG BAD WOLVES, an Israeli thriller that has garnered high critical praise from people such as Quentin Tarantino. The music has been very well-received, with the label stating the score as being “centered on an interesting main theme which effectively contrasts minor and major chords, creating a noir-ish mood, and also features major action set-pieces.”

DIE SPIONIN and BIG BAD WOLVES are out now on digital, with the former also having a CD release. Artwork and track listings are below.








MMS13021/KRONCD033 • DIE SPIONIN (Original Television Score)

Music Composed by NIC RAINE
Release date (digital): December 17, 2013
Release date (CD): December 20, 2013


1 Vision 01:54
2 Corridor / Washroom / Disposal 02:43
3 Cocktails 01:03
4 Work For Us / You’ll Hear From Us / Already Enlisted 04:18
5 Their Flat 01:59
6 Wenneman / The Plan / Wenneman Taken 07:35
7 Gestapo / Change Of Plan / London 04:42
8 Transmission / Assignations / Workplace 04:47
9 Capture / The Gallows 03:15
10 At Last 04:13
11 I’m Sorry 02:17
12 Snatched / Car Crash / Aftermath 04:56
13 Landing 02:53
14 Travelling / Finding Christian 03:44
15 Retribution 03:42
16 Epilogue 07:12








MMS13022 • BIG BAD WOLVES (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Music Composed by FRANK ILFMAN
Release date (digital): December 17, 2013
Release date (CD): TBA


1 Big Bad Wolves: Main Theme 4:15
2 Hide and Seek: Opening Titles 4:10
3 The March 2:00
4 Scream for Me 3:16
5 The Chair of Horror 2:41
6 The Phone Call 1:46
7 The Chase 3:15
8 Help Me 2:38
9 Saved by the Bell 2:45
10 A Story About a Little Girl 4:16
11 Hammer and Bones 1:55
12 Man Rides a Horse 1:35
13 The Truth Wil Set You Free 2:42
14 The Green House 3:53
15 Now Talk 2:00
16 Bike vs Car 2:37
17 The Last Breath 3:48
18 The Missing Girl and Epilogue 4:48


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