Given that sound is the most important part of a horror movie (okay, nudity as well), music has a big effect on making us scaredy cats. Remember JAWS? PSYCHO? MOULIN ROUGE? THE CONJURING has been getting good reviews across the board and that generally means that it’s effective at scaring. Which means the music must be good, right? Right?

And here we come to a crossroads. While Soundtrek in general is about film music and specifically film scores, I review soundtracks. As I’ve stated many times, I don’t always get to see the film as well, so I have to review the album as a stand-alone listen – this is the same with THE CONJURING – I sadly haven’t seen the film, so I can judge it only by the soundtrack.

Now here’s where I try and explain myself – I did not enjoy listening to this album. A lot of it is very much horror music in a sound attack vein, lots of creaky sounds and jumpy bits and some parts where it gets really quiet and then BANG. There are some occasional traditional pieces, with some nice thoughtful music, but it’s the other kind that dominates proceedings.

That said, it ends with a wonderful theme by Mark Isham. It’s warm, hopeful, yet haunting and a bit creepy at times, and feels like exactly the kind of music you need coming out of a scary movie. I can’t honestly give this album too much shit for being horror music – but at the same time I can’t recommend it too much because I didn’t enjoy it.

THE CONJURING is out now from La-La Land Records

Words: Charlie Brigden