A passionate drama based on the death of a teenager by a transit police officer, FRUITVALE STATION has a soundtrack that is broken into two sections. The first is a collection of hip-hop music, the second is the score by Ludwig Goransson. I’m not going to talk about the hip-hop as it’s not really my thing, but the score has an interesting feel to it, very sparse.

Goranssen and director Ryan Coogler have stated that they wanted the score to sound organic and to blend in with the environment, and while that’s an admirable approach to the score in the film, it doesn’t do it much of a favour away from it. Don’t get me wrong, there’s some good material here – some lovely guitar, good synth pieces and one or two nice melodies, but there’s a certain lack of weight to it. And really, it’s a bit of a chore to listen to. Because of the nature of the score, because it’s very much based in sound design, it just ends up being dull. I can’t say a word about the score in the film as I haven’t seen it, but as an album, it just seems a bit pointless.

FRUITVALE STATION is out now from Lakeshore Records

Words: Charlie Brigden